Gait and Balance


Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

 Gait and Balance Treatment Services

  • Imbalance or difficulty walking in a straight line 
  • Decreased stability on uneven surfaces, steps or curbs 
  • Falling (or fear of falling) 
  • Leg weakness and fatigue 

Many different conditions may affect balance and put you at risk of falling.
  At Adept Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, you will be thoroughly evaluated by an Orthopedic Certified Specialist who will design a comprehensive program addressing deficits in balance, function and stability as well as increasing overall activity and safety.


 Adept Gait and Balance Program includes:


  • Manual therapy to reduce pain and increase circulation 
  • Strengthening and flexibility exercises 
  • Balance and gait exercises 
  • Instruction in use of assistive devices  
  • Education in safety and prevention measures 

We guarantee one-on-one individualized exercise-based treatment programs that target posture, balance, movement re-education, and compensatory strategies to decrease overall risk for falls.