Sports Performance


Adept Sports Performance
 is a customized and comprehensive training program designed to meet athletic and recreational goals.  It is tailored to the serious athlete or injured individual committed to sports performance enhancement.  We believe in strength and conditioning as a means to excel in all sports and activities.sports performance

At Adept Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, our
Orthopedic Certified Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist use extensive knowledge of biomechanics to analyze each sport and create customized programs to address specific needs of the individual.

We offer Sport-Specific Training  programs for sports such as: 

  • Golf    
  • Running    
  • Basketball    
  • Cycling    
  • Tennis    
  • Soccer    
  • Swimming    

 Adept Sports Performance  program includes:


  • Manual therapy to reduce pain and increase circulation  
  • Functional flexibility exercises  
  • Strength and conditioning exercises  
  • Plyometric and medicine ball exercises  
  • Education on biomechanics and injury prevention  

Our Adept Sports Performance program is designed to speed up recovery and improve flexibility, speed, agility, strength, power, and fitness.